Compairing Schools?

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Factors to consider when choosing a school:

  • Cost (what's included in that cost, read the fine print)
  • Ground School Training (is it from an accredited school)
  • Training Aircraft (age of the aircraft and where it's serviced)
  • Instructor (qualifications, professionalism, and attitude)
  • Location (how much air traffic is there that interferes with your training)

What sets Northern Helicopters apart from other flight schools?

  • There are no hidden costs, PERIOD! (you only pay for the time you fly, there are flight schools out there that require a minimum deposit which is nonrefundable whether you fly or not)
  • Our ground school is an accredited program, taught by an instructor with decades of flight experience
  • Our Robinson helicopters that are used for training are purchased new and remain under factory warranty while in use for training.
  • All of our instructors are CFI's (Certified Flight Instructors) and are hand picked by the owner who is also a CFI with over 30,000 hours of aircraft time
  • Northern Helicopters is located in beautiful northeastern Minnesota, away from the congestion of the bigger cities which allows students and instructors to focus more on their training
  • Northern Helicopters also has just purchased a state of the art Fly-it Simulator, which benefits students by reducing the cost of obtaining their instument rating